A photoblog about gardening in the confines of Brooklyn, NY

About Me and My Patio

My name is Ryan and I live in “South Slope” Brooklyn, which is a made up realtor term that seems to represent western Windsor Terrace, northern Sunset Park and/or southern Park Slope.  Wherever it is I actually live (well rent actually, this is NYC), it’s a nice quiet neighborhood and I’m blessed to have a nice sized patio.  The man in me was more than excited for keg parties and barbecues.  My first first summer there, the chef in me decided to grow some herbs….basil, thyme, marjoram…the run of the mill stuff.  I think my mother planted a few flowers for me as “a gift”, and my girlfriend expressed an affinity for just about anything with petals on it.


Long story short, three years in and I have a trove of different plants, fruits and vegetables growing on my patio.  The insect and animal life it brings to my apartment are priceless.   Perhaps even more rewarding than eating fresh homegrown produce is the ability to photograph the developments taking place right outside my door, and with a little luck, capture its beauty on film.  My girlfriend picked up a Canon XSi and had a propensity for taking closeups of flowers, in particular.  At first I was skeptical.  After seeing them on a HD flatscreen I’ve become drawn in as well, and as you can see, many of my shots are tight framed closeups and macros.  We’ve only had the DSLR for a little over a year now, and these two hobbies have been intertwined and growing together.


More than anything, what has amazed me is that you can get some amazing captures on a “beginner’s” camera, and coupled with a modest green thumb, one can really create the ultimate paradise on film with just a little patience.  This is a new hobby, and maybe one day I’ll have premium camera equipment (and maybe even a backyard), but for the meantime I’m enjoying what I have.


I hope this blog will be a place for friends to share and learn and discuss gardening, photography, nature and all things imaginative and exciting.  Please feel free to comment or write to me with any suggestions to improve the site.  Cheers!


You can find all my photos on Flickr at this address: http://www.flickr.com/photos/coy_koi/


Patio Notes:

About 18′ x 18′
All plants are potted.
Most have Miracle Grow Potting Soil as their substrate.
About half were grown from seed, inside the apartment.
I’m a lazy gardener, and just try to make sure their soil does not get too dry.  Luckily for me, this has worked so far.


Camera Notes:

Canon Rebel XSi
Standard stock Canon EFS 18-55 mm Lens
Telephoto Canon EFS 55-250 mm Lens
Recent acquisition of  Digital Concepts Close up Lens Set…for some FAKE macro shots (retired)
More recent acquisition of Opteka extension tubes for more realistic fake macro shots. These come highly recommended!
As of the initial launch of this site, that is all… :)

Wish List:
Anything in the 100-400 mm range

Photo Notes:

Photos are not computer manipulated,  just cropped and sometimes zoomed.

The widescreen layout is because most of my picture viewing is through a Playstation 3 in widescreen format, so I crop to fit appropriately on the TV.

All photos are compressed quality for web browsing.  Original full resolution copies are available for print or licensing.  Please contact the administrator.

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