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The East End is fun, even without power!

So what?  Irene knocked out the electricity at the summer retreat.  We STILL had fun.


Got to go to the countryside for bit…

…and just got extension tubes for the camera, with the hopes of better macro-type photography.  My girlfriend and I visited the Atlantis Aquarium which happened to have a butterfly exhibit.  That’s always an easy way to snap off some exotic looking photos without really doing a lot of legwork.  As it was 105 degrees over the weekend, the humid butterfly environment really didn’t seem so bad.  However, the most fun for me was being back at the lake and stalking the dragonflies, which let me tell you, is not an easy thing.


North Sea aka “The Hamptons”

Sometimes I get away to my folk’s summer house for some R&R and photo opportunities.  The house is on a small pond that is very healthy and has a wealth of wildlife and interesting things to photograph.  The birds in particular are plentiful.  If I ever get a telephoto there will be some avian updates.  For now, life on the small scale…


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