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The Neighbors

Our neighbors have a great little back yard.  It’s not very little, in fact it dwarfs my patio.  The one nice thing about a yard is actually having ground soil to plant in.  They also have a spigot, which makes watering things a hell of a lot easier than filling up one’s watering can repeatedly in the bathtub.  No matter….  So they have a big tree in their backyard that I only know as a Butterfly Tree, or maybe Butterfly Bush, depending whom you speak to.  It draws in Monarchs, in particular, from regions unknown on a continual basis.  Right now is their migration time, and I routinely see over a dozen at a time flittering around, mostly obsessed with said tree and its white blooms.  Here are a few pictures I thought came out nicely, taken with the Tamron telephoto I am testing out.  These were taken from my patio, looking down unto their tree.


Hurricane Irene puts a hold on the patio…

Despite a less than anticipated showing by Miss Irene, we thought it best to take in the patio for a good 24 hours…


Temporary terrarium!

Welcome to my patio!

This is a story of one man learning how to destroy plants, and photographs, one at a time.

These photos in this set are all from my humble patio in Brooklyn, NY.

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